Why I choose the word 'investment' because I want you to know that you are truly investing in not only a service, but and experience.

When you invest in a creative session, you are investing in a value , and in all of the skills I have acquired to give you the best photo session I can do. You invest in my time, so I can create your gallery, and work with you to plan all the details of your photo session. And most of all, you are supporting me as a small business, and all the expenses that come with that, and for that I am so grateful.

The Consultation

It begins with a ideal. What you want, how you want, what to wear, where to go, is all question that clients have and want to know before a session. So I do have a pre-session consultation that you can book its free, in person, over the phone, FaceTime, messenger, or etc. This is where we can talk about what's your ideal for your shoot, go over wardrobe for your look, plan what style or custom backdrops or scenes. It also helps you to get to know your photographer and ease the tension you have and we can go over all the details that matter to you. Also we go over question about pricing product ordering, what happens after the session, what you like if its customizable or question about hair or makeup, look at studio. A pre-session consultation should be done within two to four weeks before a shoot. A pre-session consultation is important because it lays the groundwork for a successful and creative stress free session that makes it relax and fun when you shoot. So book your free consultation today!

Sitting Fee

What is a sitting/creative/retainer fee, anyway? And how do you know how much a photo session is going to cost when all is said and done? Every service industry has a different pricing structure and industry specific jargon. Each business also structures their pricing differently. To help you cut through it all, I am going to review terminology and pricing structures in this post.

Creative fee

A creative fee is also known as a session fee. It is the payment a client makes to cover the cost of photographing a session. It only covers the actual service and not the product. That means that creative fees don't include digital image files or print products of any kind. Upon seeing the images a client can decide what type of investment they'd like make.

Benifits of this structure

  1. Seeing the images first means you only pay for what you want.
  2. The initial investment is lower for you.
  3. Since creative/sitting/retainer fees only include the service and no products, sales tax is not applicable. Once a fee includes a print or digital products, sales tax is applicable. Separating the service from the products saves you money.


  1. You don't know what your exact investment will be at the beginning. It depends on how much you choose to buy after the session.
  2. Some photographers have an in-person ordering session after the session. This is just you spending more time on your photography.

What to watch out for:

Make sure you ask for my full product price list before booking, I will email you a pdf form with that upon request. Look over my price list carefully and make sure that the products you plan to purchase are going within your budget. Also make sure you will know how the ordering process will go. We can do a in-person meeting if you like to if you want to pick out images and stuff or just do them right after the shoot or online. You can also get a product price list for the products and in the consultation you can give what you want already and go over it.

Typical Fee Price:

Retainer, Session, Creative fees: This is a non-refundable fee

Creative Session Fee (includes birthdays, maternity, modeling, college grads, familys these are 1 hour sessions) - $125

Senior Creative Fee - $150

Branding Creative Fee - S150

Engagement Creative Fee - S150.00

actual service and not the product. That means that sitting fees don’t include digital image files or print products of any kind. Upon seeing the images, a client can decide what type of investment they’d like to make.